We want you to experience beauty and warmth of Shabbat.

There is nothing quite like enjoying challah, the ultimate Jewish comfort food, during a candlelit Shabbat dinner surrounded by family and friends. The truth is, Shabbat is designed as a day to step back from the frenetic energy of our modern world and reflect on ourselves, our relationships and our connection with G‑d, and that the energy of a Shabbat well spent can imbue your week with a new sense of meaning. We would like to help you bring that home. Here are some of the options we currently have available:

Got Challah?

Sarah is affectionately known as the Challah Fairy™ in town for her delightful surprise deliveries of fresh challahs. Would you like to receive one sometime? Click here to get yours!

Friday Night Lights

Lighting Shabbat candles not only bring physical light into your home but also spiritual illumination. We are delighted to offer Shabbat candle lighting kits, which include two candles, transliterated blessings, a how-to guide, and more. Click here to receive your free Shabbat candle kit!

Meet and Eat

We would be thrilled to host you for an authentic Shabbat dinner, featuring delicious homemade food, songs, and friendly discussions about a wide range of topics. Reach out to us!


Throughout the millennia, our rabbis have taught about the power and significance of Shabbat in nurturing our soul and psyche. Would you like to learn more about Shabbat? Join a class or enjoy our online Shabbat learning resource!

Do you have any ideas on how we can enhance your Shabbat experience or that of others? We are eager to hear about it!